We've solved our supply issue!

"What supply issue is that then?" I hear you ask. 

Our bestselling wholesale product by far, is our tote bags. We are down to the last couple of boxes and our next delivery isn't due until 'sometime hopefully in December'. 

Up steps Mike from Lovetree Design! We work with Mike on all our clothing - his team fulfil those orders directly for us. They have a lovely natural coloured tote bag blank which is similar to ours, and can print in full colour directly onto the bags. Hurrah!

Here's a video to show you the difference in the bags:

Like I say in the video, I'm confident that Mike has found us a bag which is the same level of quality as the ones we usually use, so you can still have luxury totes for your store. They are 300gsm 80% reclaimed cotton, 20% recycled polyester.

How will I know which ones I'm getting?

When you place an order, we'll message you very soon after to let you know if yours is an order that needs to switch to Mike's team. You'll get all this info again, and you'll get to decide if you want to still go ahead with the order, or cancel, or wait until the new supply comes. This will likely be for our larger orders, during the time we're out of stock. Unless we hear back from you, we'll go ahead with the alternative stock as planned. 

If you have any questions please do ask! hello@bookish.ly

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