Print Frame Ship Instructions

Here's the instructions for sending orders to us so we can print and frame them for you, and send them to your customers. The info about pricing and service is here: 

When you are ready to place an order, go to this listing here to purchase the type and size of frame you need:

or if it's an unframed print you need use this one:

if you have a design with foil in it, then add this to cart at the same time so that we know:

When placing the order, please put your customer's address in the delivery address, and YOUR email address in the email section. Otherwise your customer could be emailed the order confirmation with the prices. We don't need the customer's email address, however their contact number would be appreciated for any courier delivery queries. We will send you the shipping confirmation and tracking number to you so that you can click dispatch at your end. There's a file upload button on the product page, so you can add your artwork and dispatch note files to the order before you add to cart.

Orders without a dispatch note - when designs look similar or are the same but with different personalisations; having something in the notes for each print file helps us make sure we don't pack the wrong print.  A name or detail from the personalisation would be ideal.  You can add a note to each artwork file when you create your order

[This is the old way of sending the files before we added the file upload to the product page, just for reference if you have any trouble with the upload button:

Once you have placed the order on our site, pop an email over to with the order number in the subject line. This number starts 'WS' followed by some numbers. Include any dispatch note you'd like us to print and include in the package, and the artwork that needs to be printed. Please add the WS number to file name for the artwork and dispatch note. This can be an attachment or a dropbox/drive link, it's up to you.]

Overseas orders - all orders to non EU destinations require a CN22 label (customs label)  Please can you add as a note when you upload each artwork file the value of each print your customer has paid and in which currency.

Artwork files - the artwork needs to be a PDF, and if you are having foil then anything foiled needs to be in solid black in a separate file to any background colour you are having printed. It's best to talk it through with us first if you want foil because there are some minor limitations to the process. Also be aware the lip of the frame or mount will cover about 5mm all the way around the print so you might want to slightly re-size some things if they go right to the edge. 

We'll add the item into our printing/framing pile and it will get 'dispatched' on our system like any other order. So you will get sent dispatch confirmation and tracking at the point we book it on with the courier. 

Any questions, just let us know!