10 Years of the Book Page Print

Can you believe that this year marks 10 years since I sold my first framed book page prints online?! When I look back to the photographs I used I cringe, but I'm proud that I got started, made sales, and grew from there. But it was a little while before I discovered the virtues of natural light! 

You might remember that my brand was called 'wall envy art' back then. Bookishly came along in 2013. But even back in the wall envy art days the brand was still clear. Books and bookishness all the way! 

Our photos have improved a bit since! 

Our first trade show was in 2012 but even before then there were a few shops stocking the book page prints. Pulse London in 2012 was the first show and I can remember it being SO exciting to talk to big retailers and take actual orders from shops all over the country. 

2012 trade show setup. 


We've ended up with them being stocked in places like Selfridges, The Natural History Museum and the Imperial War Museum. Our most regular orders have come from a loyal base of little gift shops and book shops and we massively appreciate each one! The little independents are by far our favourite people to work with. 

 Visiting the prints in Selfridges on Oxford Street. 

The product is still going strong. We've even added a bunch of new designs this year. I love how they can be styled with modern interiors as well as they could be 10 years ago! Here's a selection of some of my favourite interiors shots from some of our lovely Instagram friends.

This whole adventure started as just me fulfilling orders for a single product in my parent’s spare bedroom has grown into a team of eleven and fulfilling orders for hundreds of products (for both or retail and trade customers). 😮

Whilst we're really proud and excited to be turning ten, we know we couldn't have got to this point without the help and support of you and your custom. We hope to keep making products that you and your customers love.

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