Behind The Range - Personalised Star Map Packs

Our product ranges often have an interesting story behind them, none more so than our personalised star map packs. Giving context to a product range allows our customers to connect to what we create; here’s a little insight into how such a personalised product came to fruition.

We created and launched our star map prints over on our retail site a few years ago, in search of a product that provided sentimental value for all of life’s momentous occasions. Our star charts depict an entirely accurate representation of the stars, planets, and constellations above an exact  location at a specific moment in time. We’ve sold thousands of prints since then, helping numerous customers share their stories with family and friends.  

The popularity of these products on our retail website made us wonder whether we could facilitate such a successful personalised item at a wholesale level too, and so our personalised star map packs were created.

Here’s how it works… We supply a beautiful pack with an activation code and all the information the customer needs to complete the personalisation online. So all you need to do is display and sell the pack.

The completed prints are A3 unframed and the customer has a choice of colours and designs. They will be shown all the options when they fill out the form online, and there are some examples on the back of the packet too.

The retail packet is a classy black C5 board envelope with a beautiful foiled band around it. Inside are the instructions for the customer, the activation code and a pretty foiled postcard to add to the un-packaging experience for the customer.

Customers can give the package as a gift, or order the print and give the print itself as a gift. Or of course they can keep it for themselves!

Want to know more? Check out the product page here or send us an email

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