Five Gifting Ideas For Our Star Map Prints

Our star map retail packs are pretty special. Here’s the idea… Your customers buy a star map gift pack for a friend or loved one. Inside is all the information (beautifully presented, may we add!) that they need on how they can create and order their very own map of the stars print. The end result? This.



Our star map prints are personalised to show the sky above your exact location at your special moment, making them a perfect gift for all sorts of occasions. Stuck for inspo? Here’s a few ideas…


What better gift than a print to commemorate the exact moment she (or he) said ‘yes’ ? A beautiful keepsake that they can treasure for years to come!

2. Weddings.

Having a print that shows the stars above them on their first night as a married couple is pretty much unbeatable in the ‘thoughtful gift category’.  

3. Father’s Day / Mother’s Day.

Particularly perfect for new parents looking to buy a gift for their partner on behalf of their little one/s! Create a star map that shows the sky over you and your family the moment your baby was born.

4. Anniversaries.

Whether it’s one year of fifty years together, a star map commemorating your time as a couple is the perfect anniversary gift!

5. Birthdays.

A great idea for all of those milestone birthdays, and something that both old and young will appreciate! A personalised star chart print showing the exact moment they entered the world!


There are so many more occasions that these prints are perfect for - that’s what makes them so popular. The perfect gift to celebrate, commemorate, and remember.

Want to know more about how it all works? Have a look right here.  Or drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help. For now though, thanks so much for reading.

Louise & Team Bookishly X

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