Get Ready For September - Literary Anniversaries

September is filled with literary celebrations! From birthdays to anniversaries, there’s a lot worth commemorating. Here’s a list of the key dates in the literary calendar alongside a few Bookishly goodies to help you prepare for them!


2nd September 1973

J.R.R Tolkien died on this day 45 years ago, author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

9th September 1828

Leo Tolstoy's born on this day 190 years ago, author of War & Peace.

13th September 1916

Roald Dahl's born on this day 102 years ago, author of Matilda.

21st September 1947

Stephen King's born on this day 71 years ago, The Master of Horror.

21st September 1866

H.G Wells's born on this day 152 years ago, author of The War of the Worlds.

23rd September 1889

Wilkie Collin's died on this day 129 years ago, author of The Woman in White.

24th September 1991

Dr. Seuss's died on this 27 years ago, creator of The Cat in the Hat.

24th September 1896

F Scott Fitzgerald’s born on this day 122 years ago, author of The Great Gatsby.

25th September 1897

William Faulkner’s born on this day 121 years ago, author of The Big Sleep.

26th September 1888

T.S. Eliot’s born on this day 130 years ago, author of The Cocktail Party

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