Behind The Range - Our Children's Prints.

More often than not, our product ranges have a story behind them. There’s often a lightbulb moment, a particular inspiration, a reason for that design. Giving context to a product range allows our customers (wholesale and retail) to connect to what we create. Take our children’s collection for example, the story behind those prints is a pretty special one.

We always knew we wanted to do a children’s range; literature is filled with quotes for little ones that are just too beautiful to ignore. However in terms of design inspiration we weren’t entirely sure which aesthetic to go for.

Cue lightbulb moment...

Why not collaborate with a fellow small business (a favourite one at that) to create something truly special? Introducing Clara & Macy and their beautiful rainbow children’s prints.

Amazing, right? We found an aesthetic the would perfectly complement our quote range. We reached out to the team and fortunately for us they were on board! And so the Bookishly X Clara & Macy product range was born.

Collaborating with friends is fun, in fact one of the best parts of running an independent business is the community that surrounds it. We’re really proud of our children’s prints and we hope you love them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

You can shop the range right here. If you have any questions, send an email to We’d be more than happy to help. Make sure to take a look at Clara & Macy too, they’re brilliant.

Thanks for reading!

Louise & Team Bookishly. X 

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